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The Parish

Ogwell is a small community situated midway between the South Devon coast and Dartmoor National Park, close to the market town of Newton Abbot. The parish consists of East and West Ogwell, with some 2,500 residents occupying just over 1,000 dwellings. The majority of the population is to be found in East Ogwell which includes 150 homes of the old village of East Ogwell and roughly 850 homes to the east of Canada Hill. Most of these homes are on the new estate which was constructed during the late 1980s to 2000. The remainder of the parish population live in rural areas.

The Parish Council

The Parish Council works to enhance aspects of the village and to promote close links within our community. It meets every second Monday at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall. The public are encouraged to attend and there is always an item on the agenda called ‘Parishioners Views’ when members of the public are invited to speak on any subject which they feel that the council should be addressing. Minutes of previous meetings are available by clicking on the links below.

Your current serving councillors and their roles are:

Steve Reynolds: Chairman – 07852 568552

Katy Farrell-Wright: 01626 438799

Tim Flower: Environment, Planning – 01626 363606

Ann Hall: 01626 355617

Michael Lant: 01626 337679

Paul Martin: 01626 365624

Pauline Wynter: 01626 324921

Sue McGrath: 

Clerk to the Parish Council: Rita Hannaford – 01626 367313

Your Teignbridge District Councillors are Mary Colclough and Richard Daws.

Your Devon County Councillor is Sarah.Parker-Khan 01626 830083

What’s involved in being a parish councillor?

You don’t need any kind of special experience or knowledge to be a parish councillor, we’re just a bunch of Ogwell residents (eight members in total) interested in helping to keep the parish a decent place to live, play and work.

We make decisions about a variety of things to support the community (like helping to fund the playpark, the summer fair, and bonfire night), and we try to assist local groups, such as providing the pre-school with extra money for new facilities. We look at planning applications and decide if they’re right for the neighbourhood, and we communicate with the local police, and the district and county councils on your behalf about anything from speed humps and parking to street lights, grass mowing and road maintenance.

From time to time vacancies for parish councillors arise and these are notified in the Parish Magazine and on this website. If you would like to be considered for such a position contact our Clerk, Rita, for more information. Remember that although the role is unpaid it doesn’t take much time. We meet for a couple of hours on the second Monday in each month. But you do need to attend the meetings regularly to keep up to date. You can do as much as you want, be as creative as you like – come up with new ideas, help with communications, have a hand in the parish website, help monitor our local footpaths, it’s up to you. The only essential bit of kit you’ll need is something to send and receive emails.

To contact the Parish Council complete the form below, or contact the Clerk on 01626 367313

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Below is a list of the parish council minutes and agendas:
AgendasParish Council Minutes
New Parish Council Agenda July 2023New Parish Council Agenda July 2023
New Annual Parish Meeting and Parish Council Agenda June 2023Ogwell Annual Parish and PC Meeting 120623New Parish Council Agenda July 2023

Ogwell Annual Parish and PC Meeting 120623
New Parish Council Agenda April 2023Ogwell Annual PC Meeting 150523
New Parish Council Agenda February 2023Ogwell PC Meeting 130323
New Parish Council Agenda January 2023Ogwell PC Meeting 090123
New Parish Council Agenda December 2022Ogwell PC Meeting 121222
New Parish Council Agenda November 2022New Parish Council Agenda December 2022

Ogwell PC Meeting 141122
New Parish Council Agenda September 2022Ogwell PC Meeting 101022
New Parish Council Agenda June 2022Ogwell PC Meeting 130622
New Parish Council Agenda April 2022New Parish Council Agenda June 2022

Ogwell Ann PC Meeting 090522
New Parish Council Agenda April 2022

Ogwell PC Meeting 140322
New Parish Council Agenda February 2022Ogwell PC Meeting 140222
New Parish Council Agenda December 2021Ogwell PC Meeting 100122
New Parish Council Agenda October 2021New Parish Council Agenda December 2021

Ogwell PC Meeting 081121
New Parish Council Agenda September 2021Ogwell PC Meeting 130921
New Parish Council Agenda August 2021New Parish Council Agenda September 2021

Ogwell PC Meeting 090821
New Parish Council Agenda July 2021Ogwell PC Meeting 190721
New Annual Parish Council Agenda May 2021Ogwell Ann PC Meeting 040521 (Held Remotely)
New Parish Council Agenda April 2021New Annual Parish Council Agenda May 2021

Ogwell PC Meeting 120421 (Held Remotely)
New Parish Council Agenda March 2021Ogwell PC Meeting 080321 (Held Remotely)
Ogwell PC Meeting 110121 (Held Remotely)Ogwell PC Meeting 080221 (Held Remotely)

New Parish Council Agenda March 2021
New Parish Council Agenda January 2021CoronavirusNOTICE OF Casual Vacancy (template)2021

Ogwell PC Meeting 110121 (Held Remotely)

New Parish Council Agenda February 2021
New Parish Council Agenda November 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 141220 (Held Remotely)
OPC Agenda October 2020New Parish Council Agenda November 2020

Ogwell PC Meeting 121020 (Held Remotely)-1
OPC Agenda September 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 140920 (Held Remotely)
OPC Agenda August 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 100820 (Held Remotely)
Ogwell PC Meeting 080620 (Held Remotely)-1Ogwell PC Meeting 130720 (Held Remotely)
OPC Agenda June 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 080620 (Held Remotely)
OPC Agenda May 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 110520 (Held Remotely)
OPC Agenda April 2020 2Ogwell PC Meeting 140420 (Held Remotely)
Ogwell PC Meeting 90320
Ogwell PC Meeting 100220
OPC Agenda Jan 2020Ogwell PC Meeting 130120
OPC Minutes Dec
OPC Minutes Nov
OPC Minutes Oct
OPC Minutes Sep
OPC Minutes Aug
OPC Minutes July
OPC Agenda June 2019OPC Minutes June
OPC Agenda May 2019draft.May.2019.minutes
OPC Agenda April 2019Apr.2019.minutes
OPC Agenda March 2019Mar.2019.minutes
OPC Agenda February 2019Feb.2019.minutes
OPC Agenda January 2019Jan.2019.minutes
OPC Agenda December 2018Dec.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda November 2018Nov.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda October 2018Oct.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda September 2018Sep.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda August 2018Aug.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda July 2018Jul.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda June 2018Jun.2018.minutes
OPC May Annual Agendas 2018May.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda April 2018Apr.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda March 2018Mar.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda February 2018Feb.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda January 2018Jan.2018.minutes
OPC Agenda December 2017Dec.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda November 2017Nov.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda October 2017Oct.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda September 2017Sep.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda August 2017Aug.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda July 2017July.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda June 2017Jun.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda May 2017May.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda April 2017Apr.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda March 2017Mar.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda February 2017Feb.2017.minutes
OPC Agenda September 2016sep-2016-minutes
OPC Agenda August 2016aug-2016-minutes
OPC Agenda July 2016July.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda June 2016Jun.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda May 2016May.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda April 2016April.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda March 2016March.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda February 2016February.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda January 2016January.2016.minutes
OPC Agenda December 2015December.2015.minutes
OPC Agenda November 2015November.2015.minutes
OPC Agenda October 2015October 2015 minutes
September 2015 minutes
August 2015 minutes
July 2015 minutes
June 2015 minutes
May 2015 minutes
April 2015 minutes
March 2015 minutes
February 2015 Minutes
January 2015 Minutes
December 2014 Minutes
November 2014 Minutes
October 2014 Minutes
September 2014 Minutes
August 2014 Minutes
July 2014 Minutes
June 2014 Minutes
May 2014 Minutes
April 2014 Minutes
March 2014 Minutes
February 2014 Minutes
January 2014 Minutes
December 2013 Minutes

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