Get Involved

You can take part in community life in a number of ways – we’d love you to be involved with village activities. The more the merrier!

So what are your options?

  • Join one of the many organisations within the village – see our Clubs and Societies  page.  Ogwell also has a community choir and they’re always looking for bell ringers for our lovely church
  • Get involved with the Ogwell Memorial Hall committee – email us and we’ll put you in touch.
  • Join the neighbourhood planning group – – taking part in the group will have a really positive effect on the future of the village. You can find out more by emailing us or calling Michael Simmons on 020 7193 0131
  • Come to parish council meetings, take part in the forum at the beginning of the meeting, or just listen to the ‘goings on’ – the debates the councillors have about the things that affect everyday life in Ogwell
  • You could even put your name forward to be a parish councillor. From time to time councillors move on, and a vacancy arises. Find out more about parish council life here

Join in and make a difference!

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Rita Hannaford
Parish Clerk

01626 367313

[email protected]

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