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News from the Neighbourhood Plan…

The next Parish Council Meeting is going to be held at Canada Hill School on Monday 13th February at 7.00 pm.

The full agenda will be displayed nearer the time but one major item to be discussed will be the outline planning application for 6 new houses on land at Canada Hill. More information may be found on Teignbridge District Council’s website - application reference 16/03382. Comments from individuals may be submitted online to Teignbridge by 9th February.

Also expected to be discussed is the final draft of the Ogwell Neighbourhood Plan, which if approved by the District Council will be put to a local referendum later this year.

Parishioners are welcome to attend and observe local democracy in action.

MOBILE PHONE MAST – for those who are not already aware, Vodafone’s application to build a 15 metre mobile phone mast in the old village just outside the Conservation Area has been refused by Teignbridge District Council.

A draft of Ogwell’s Neighbourhood Plan is presently under review by Teignbridge District Council and will be updated shortly to reflect their comments.
Their key comments to date are to detail our green spaces and define character areas for different parts of the village. 
The draft plan will be presented at an open meeting to be held at Canada Hill Primary School on Thursday 26th May at 7.30pm and all are invited.
Meanwhile, please see a copy below of the latest update recently delivered to all parishioners. A copy of the Draft Plan can also be found by following this link.
Michael D. Simmons                                        Ogwell Parish Council Chairman



The first draft of the Plan has now been completed and a summary of it discussed with the full Parish Council at its meeting in February and by the Steering Group later in the week.
The key objectives, based on local consultation, the existing statutory framework and research can be summarised as follows:
Well Being……more community facilities and a purpose-built pre-school
                        sports pitches, young people meeting area
                        local shop
Environment..protecting the rural character of Ogwell
                       a strategic open break
                       promote green infrastructure
                       active and passive open space
Sustainable Transport,Paths,Connections
                       effective links between rural areas, villages and Newton Abbot
                       safe walking route between East Ogwell and Canada Hill Primary School
                       improved public transport
Controls on Future Housing and Homes responding to local needs
                      development in the parish limited to responding to local needs only
                     reflect impact of the the proposed new settlement in Wolborough
                      address gaps in provision
                      promote infill housing
Promote Rural Employment
                      conversion of redundant agricultural buildings to employment use
                      collaboration with Channings Wood Prison
                      rural employment and home working
                      new business units
Respect local character and promote design quality
                      develop design code and principles
                      policies to consider the needs of the whole parish
The draft identifies the Parish Council owned land in Luxton Road as a preferred site for a new pre-school facility and meeting
some other community needs, also that a bus shelter/bench be provided in the centre of the old village for use by bus passengers,
walkers and local community at large. It accepts the feedback which has rejected some housing development on the sites identified
for such consideration within the consultation document, and seeks to explore further the possibility of traffic calming measures on
Canada Hill and liaison with local neighbours re: a likely planning application from the owners of an area of scrub lane/open space
behind the terraced properties halfway up Canada Hill. After feedback from the Parish Council and Steering Group it is hoped to
prepare a further draft which can be made available for feedback from the local community in the Spring before any formal process
takes place.
The next meeting of the Steering Group, to which all are welcome , will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday , 10th March at the Memorial Hall.
Peter Farrell, Ogwell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group  Secretary

At the February meeting of the Steering Group all four key themes were explored further. Further work was agreed to consider the practicality of a path up Canada Hill, what the impact of further minor housing infill might be, what sites might be practical for an enlarged/extended pre-school facility for the village and potential ways to meet the expressed needs for a sports field and support service hub. The Group has also received feedback regarding the need to maintain the cultural heritage of the village in any developing proposals.
If you have any comments to make,  ideas to propose, or simply want to learn more about the process, please pop along to our next meeting which is scheduled to take place at  Canada Hill School at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 19th March at 7.30pm.

The Steering Group met in January and resolved to accept a draft vision statement for the Plan as follows: 

“ To maintain the environmental and cultural heritage of our diverse parish while promoting planning and practical initiatives to support the sustainability of our village and the well-being of its community.” 

This vision, and the parish profile statement which was also adopted, form the basis on which each of the four theme groups on well-being, paths, environment and housing, move forward in developing objectives and potential options for achieving them. The outcomes of this work, including the vision statement itself and the parish profile, will form part of our next consultation exercise with the whole local community later in the year. 

The theme groups are now engaged in weighing up the pros and cons of different approaches to respond to the issues raised by our community to date. If you would like to join one of these groups, or learn a little more about the Neighbourhood Planning process, please come to our next meeting, which will be held at the Memorial Hall on Thursday, 19th February at 7.30pm.


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