‘Ogwatch’ Garden Survey starts today.

Good Morning Everyone, We hope that you will all feel able to take part in the ‘Ogwatch’ Garden survey starting today. Link to spotter sheets below. Please also share with family and friends in the parish. Have a good weekend and happy spotting, The Ogwild Team http://ogwell.org/clubs-societies/ogwild-2/

23rd May 2020

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Take care near cows

At a time when many cows with calves are present in nearby fields it is important that all people are aware of the following advice so that you avoid a possibly dangerous and scary situation. Here is some advice from the Ramblers. Do Stop, look and listen on entering a field. Look out for any …

22nd May 2020

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Ash Die Back

Felling is only sometimes necessary – Although not of interest to many parishioners, should you have problems with ash trees the following might be of use: The Teignbridge District Council website directs you to the Forestry Commission website where there is very detailed information. They are advising people not to cut the trees with die …

16th May 2020

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‘Ogwatch’ – Ogwell’s version of Springwatch – can you take part?

Ogwild are proud to announce ‘Ogwatch’ – Saturday 23rd May – Sunday 31st May 2020 Thank you all for your terrific response to the garden survey.We are producing a Spotter pack including various species along with the questionnaire to gather the data. There will be a number of different species included and you can do …

7th May 2020

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Ogwell Community Shop Project Survey Results

Thank you to all who took part, sorry this has taken a while to get out. Full survey link at the end. The Steering Group is still meeting but as you can imagine not able to progress things.Community Shop Survey data and summary of responses:There were 352 responses out of what we’ve previously heard to …

5th May 2020

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Coronavirus Help and Information

Please get in touch using the information below if you need help with supplies in the current crisis. If you are having difficulties registering for an online shopping slot, check the list of suppliers taking orders by phone. We would also like to hear from you if you want to volunteer to help out. We …

30th March 2020

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Parish Council Minutes

All OPC minutes for 2019 are now available.

6th January 2020

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Allotments Available

We have been advised that there are several allotment plots currently available at Cooke’s Field in Wolborough. Information is available on the Newton Abbot & District Co-operative Allotment Association website where there is also a link to apply for a plot.

10th April 2019

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Broadband Speed less than 2Mbps?

Some areas of Ogwell still suffer from unacceptable broadband speeds. There is now a voucher scheme worth up to £350 to help with the cost of providing alternative facilities. For details follow this link.

18th March 2019

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Defibrillator now at Memorial Hall

A Community Public Access Defibrillator has been purchased by the Parish Council and is now installed outside Ogwell Memorial Hall. The location has also been registered with the emergency services so they may direct you to this in case of need. In the event of a cardiovascular emergency the prompt use of a defibrillator can …

23rd November 2018

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