The WI

The Women’s Institute have been running for 100yrs and are still going strong , here in Ogwell we have been in existence since 1928, we offer new members the opportunity to meet with like minded women, over a cup of tea and a chat. Meetings include a range of activities and speakers

The evenings are informal and comprise of  a wide range of speakers which span from crafts, food tasting, health and fitness, history and supporting local charities

There is also a trading stall for books, and vegetables/plants grown by the members, and a stall for home baking !!

In addition we organise in conjunction with the garden society day trips. We support the local theatre, with pantomime outings and other productions

We fund raise annually and run a tombola stall at Christmas fayres and also provide cream teas at the Ogwell summer fete.

We are a friendly group of women who work hard at enjoying ourselves. Why not come and try us out !!!!

We meet every first Tuesday of the month at 7:15pm in the memorial hall East Ogwell please contact Sandra Jones, secretary tel no 872663 or email

You will find the most recent updates and information posted below!

Ogwell Womens Institute – September Meeting

The WI met on the 3rd  September. Sally Bryson president opened the meeting, there was 6 apologies.

The speakers for the evening were Mary Griffin and Mary Thomson  who gave a talk on Lovely Lavender. The history of Lavender dates back to 3,000 bc and was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The Romans named lavender and used it for bathing. Lavender worn around the neck provided protection from contracting the plague by warding off fleas and also cholera. Elizabeth 1st loved lavender and enjoyed food containing it.

Mary griffin stated that although there are 32 species of lavender there are 3 main types  English , producing the most oil, intermediate and French. Lavender is best grown in a non fertile well drained soil not to moist. Mary demonstrated the best way to prune  and propagate cuttings.

Mary Thomson had produced a wide range of crafts using lavender ranging from hand cream, soap, bath bombs lavender sachets and lavender shortbread which the group most enjoyed but the most popular was the lavender infused gin!

Sally discussed the notices , Wi have been awarded £100 from summer fayre committee for cream teas

Quiz on 18/9/19 Margaret has volunteered to adjudicate, Val will be quiz mistress and Caroline will join quiz team a big thank you to Gloria Mary and Caroline’s husband for helping with questions

Sally asked members to think of any local initiatives they would like the group to help with in the coming year

Sandra will be devising a newsletter each month to send a week before meetings

date for diary

quiz 18/9/19

newton abbot wi event at avenue church 21/9/19 12.30 – 2pm

macmillan afternoon tea 4/10/19

Next meeting 1/10/19

Brenda Loosemore Ladies of Laughter


Programme for 2019

8 January           ORLEY COMMON – ancient, wild and wonderful

Sian Avon, Senior Ranger, Leisure and Green Spaces TDC

5 February          ORIENTAL FACIAL MASSAGE – Samantha Roderick

5 March              T.B.A.

2 April                  MACULAR SOCIETY – Judy Pride

7 May                  GENERAL MEETING

4 June                 WHALES AND DOLPHINS – Sharon Stevenson

2 July                  DAYSPRING PLANTS – talking about gardens in July.

Plants for sale – Peter Cantrill   Open Meeting

August                FUNDRAISING

3 September      LOVELY LAVENDER – talk and demo on making items from lavender.  Mary Griffin.

1 October

6 November       ANNE MARIE MORRIS MP – Open Meeting

December         CHRISTMAS PARTY


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