History of the Parish of Ogwell

1350 (app) – Reynell family acquire East Ogwell

1555 (app)  – Reynell family purchase West Ogwell from the Courtenays

1589 – Ogwell House (West Ogwell) Built by Sir Thomas Reynell

1595 – Fire burns down most of the Village of East Ogwell.

1616 – Reynell family acquire Holbeam through Marriage.

1735 – Ogwell Estate passes from Reynell Family to Taylor Family of Denbury

1798 – Ogwell House (West Ogwell)  Rebuilt

1869 – Ogwell Estate sold by Pierce Gilbert Edward Taylor to Daniel Robert Scratton Esq. of Prittlewell, Essex. Including all rights and Title of Lord of the Manor

1874 – New School Built – paid for by D.R. Scratton Esq.

1885 – Rydon a detached part of Wolborough was amalgamated with East Ogwell by Local Government Board Order No 16,367.

1895 (app) – East and West Ogwell amalgamated to form the parish of Ogwell by Local Government Board Order No 31,983.

1886 – School transferred to School Board

1898 – Water Supply for Ogwell opened.

1902 – D.R. Scratton dies and Ogwell Estates pass to a distant cousin Edward Joshua Blackburn Scratton

1907 – Parts of D.R. Scratton Estate Sold

1912 – Majority of D.R. Scratton Estate Sold

1916 – E.J.B. Scratton dies. Estates pass to his son Edward William Howell Blackburn Scratton.

1926 – E.W.H.B Scratton dies.

1928 – Electricity supplied to Ogwell

1929 – School becomes a Junior School.

1930’s (Mid) – Houses on Canada Hill and Margaret Road built.

1957 – School Closed.

1961 – School becomes Ogwell Memorial Hall

1960’s (Late) – Sunny Hollow and Tor Gardens built.

1980’s (Late) – Reynell Road and Larksmead Estate’s built

1991 – Canada Hill School opened.

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