Ogwell Parish Magazine Delivery

20th October 2020

About 6 months ago 25 villagers were good enough to volunteer to deliver some leaflets around Ogwell giving information about support in the current crisis. There have been recent changes with the Parish Magazine with the Parish Council now becoming more involved to enable the magazine to be delivered free to all 1200 households in the parish. I am putting together a team to deliver around 50 magazines each in the area they live. The magazine will now be published 10 times per year at the start of every month apart from January and August. Would you be willing to deliver 50 or so in your area or as close as I can get to that? I also plan to have enough reserves to spread the load and cover when people are away. It is likely that I will have plenty of people living in the ‘old village’ if last time is anything to go by but if you are willing to do another part let me know. Please email contact@ogwell.org Many thanks, Paul Martin – on behalf of Ogwell Parish Council P.S. The first delivery will be at the start of December then February 2021.

Last modified: 20th October 2020

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