Ogwell Community Shop Project Survey Results

5th May 2020

Thank you to all who took part, sorry this has taken a while to get out. Full survey link at the end. The Steering Group is still meeting but as you can imagine not able to progress things.
Community Shop Survey data and summary of responses:
There were 352 responses out of what we’ve previously heard to be about 1230 household in the parish.
This equates to 28.6% and although similar such surveys can average around 33% from the Plunkett Foundation information we have seen, which normally quotes in the low 20%, we have a good response.
Only 330/352 completed the Where they live? and the default answer was West Ogwell so that figure is suspect but the % of total responses are: West Ogwell 12.7%, Margaret Road area 17.6%, Reynell Road area 29.1%, Old Village 15.2%, Denbury Road 2.7%, Other 7.6%.
Key Findings:Where do people shop – Branded shop (supermarkets etc) 26%, Premium Shop (e.g.Darts Farm, Fermoys etc) 18%, Independent Shop 18%, Community Shop 2%What’s Important – Location, Free parking, Local produce & PriceTravel – 92% by car, 5% walk/cycleMost in demand – Milk, Fruit & Veg, BreadLeast demand – Coal/Wood, e top up, Stationery, CraftWhy Ogwell Shop – Local Produce within walking distance, Support local business, If need to drive would go to Supermarket, Convenience if price, fresh & fair trade are right, Being part of the community, Support the convenience of a local shop, Sale of high quality produce, Able to walk.

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