‘Ogwatch’ – Ogwell’s version of Springwatch – can you take part?

7th May 2020

Ogwild are proud to announce ‘Ogwatch’ – Saturday 23rd May – Sunday 31st May 2020

Thank you all for your terrific response to the garden survey.
We are producing a Spotter pack including various species along with the questionnaire to gather the data. There will be a number of different species included and you can do as many as you wish, a great activity for the whole family. Please make your non Facebook family and friends who live in the village aware of this and share the materials that we will send out on here or by email a few days before. We will even print off some copies for those who are not internet users.

Later this summer we will be staging an online “Virtual Open Gardens’ event and if you are interested in making a short 3/4 minute video about your garden then please let us know.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Ogwild Team

Last modified: 7th May 2020

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