Report of 8th August Meeting

11th August 2018

The members gathered on Wed 8th Aug for our Mini Show and Dutch Supper.

It was a very good turnout with good variety of flowers on show. The evening started with a warm welcome from Richard Fitzgerald who went on to say what a great success the coach trip had been to Abbotsbury gardens and Swannery and thanked Chris for organising it and the members for supporting it he then went on to explain the voting procedure for the mini show. There was 4 categories 1) A single stem Rose. 2) A stem of any flower. 3) A vase of garden flowers. 4) 3 Tomatoes. Each member could vote for their favourite exhibit.

The winners where 1) Marian Deane with a lovely peach coloured rose 2) Christine Tolliday with a beautiful white Hydrangea 3) Laura Stinchcombe  with a  charming display of garden flowers 4) Marian Sayers 3 lovely tomatoes.

A raffle followed with a choice of wines and chocolates.

The members put on a lovely choice of food for our Dutch Supper and it was enjoyed by all.

Richard had to announce a change round of speakers due to personal circumstances of one of them. The next meeting therefore will be

On Wed 12th Sept and will be a talk and display of Carnivorous plants by Dennis Balsdon. You will be able to buy some of the plants.

On Wed 10th Oct it will be Mandy Barber from ‘Incredible Vegetables’

All welcome. Entrance fee £2pp or £3 for non members and includes refreshments.

For further information contact Chris Ashton sec, 01626 364543


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