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2nd May 2017



We have had a Parish magazine in Ogwell  over 30 years. We have at least 300 subscribers plus those who read it in The Jolly Sailor and the Church. Many people in the village consider the magazine their key source of local information and a window on what is happening in the local community. Our current editor is retiring in MAY and if we cannot find anyone (or a group of people) to replace her the magazine will cease to exist.

There is already a team in place who manage the advertisers, collect subscriptions, arrange delivery and provide articles.

The editor’s job is to compile the magazine; proof read, remind regular contributors about deadlines for contributions and send it off to the printers.

The magazine template is easy to use (currently based on Microsoft Publisher). There is a dedicated laptop available with the programme on it.

We know that everyone is very busy these days but we are hoping that there are a few people out there with a few hours to spare who would be willing to help. The current editor is very happy to brief anyone who is interested.

Many of us choose to live in Ogwell because we enjoy a rural village life. The magazine is part of that and if we lose it another part of that way of life will disappear, but it also serves to inform our whole Parish bringing all its residents closer together as part of the same community as it continues to evolve and helps to strengthen those bonds. It is also a great way to introduce people who have recently moved to all the great things going on in our lovely village.

If you think you can help contact Sam Simmons on  or Stella Llewellyn on

With many thanks in advance.

Last modified: 2nd May 2017

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