Coming to a School Near You…….. The November Parish Council Meeting

10th November 2016

Please come along on Monday 14th November at 7pm for this month’s Parish Meeting – and it is to be held at Canada Hill Primary School in Rowan Class Room (the same one used for Polling day).

If we have a good turnout then hopefully holding regular meetings at the school can be arranged.

What happens at the meetings – well some things are pretty mundane but essential.  One Cllr has arranged for electricity on the green to be installed.  Planning Applications have to be discussed.  We have also started the mammoth task of updating the Luxton Road/Dawes Close Play Area, that we really want the residents to be a part of and chose what they would like to see on this site.

All the Cllrs are volunteers, many work, some are retired, some have young children or a pretty cool cattery!  But really they just want to make the best of their community.  We do have some vacancies for the Parish Council so if you are interested and can come to one meeting a month, with a bit of work in between (how much depends on you), then you could be perfect for the role.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

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